the end is drawing nigh.

Out from under the pressure I can see the culmination of the stress and rush and hair pulling. I'm gonna see the other side of the tunnel. I'm not so scared anymore. It was hard to see past the immediacy of the moment, it doesn't make the problems and the struggles any less important, just filled with more perspective. It's the process of anything I guess, you keep whittling away until you have it at a level that you can manage.

I made the trip to be with my friend when he got his test results. Negative. He says he's changed for the better because of this experience, that he's getting his life on track. I can't have anything but faith in him. And when he stumbles I will be there to help him up without the I told you so's.

2 weeks. And I will be free again. How did the Indigo girls put it?

"I spent four years prostrate to a higher mind, I got my paper and now I'm free"

yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself.

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