who knows?

Trading the sun
for the moon
trying to counteract
the fact
that your night
is just beginning
while mine
is drawing to a close

borrowed time
squeezed between
the have to's and musts

when is too much
too much?

when is too much
never enough?

Questions I need you
to answer.

The future
is unclear
as always
and there are some things
I despair
in knowing,
even more
to say aloud

to make them right

like pearls
in their infancy
start small
and grate
and chafe
into something
else entirely

threaded carefully
on a string
tangled in my mind

if I were less of a coward
I would seek your

if I were more of
an optimist
I would not need them

in the middle
of the night
when l pour out
these thoughts to you

a tidal wave
of vulnerabilities

remember that
I need the truth
more than
I need my delusions

however painful.

be the sun
when I can only see the moon.

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