We've sat like this
for years
of our lives
the seats may have changed
(though mostly bucket)
the cars have definitely
the scenery is different
growing older
right along with us.

We may have moved
from the way back,
to the back,
to passenger
and driver
but we're still
provoked to confess
by the darkness
whipping passed;

talking to eachother
through lyrics
of music played too loud,
through screaming,
for screamings sake
through clasped hands
and speed.

flicking caution
out the open windows
like ashes
from our cigarettes

seeking penance
by the lighters light
and absolution
by the dayglo dashboard

Some things
are easier said
when you know
the person will
be beside you

never in front of
or behind.

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Anonymous said...

That be nice. Don't ever lose that.