I have a promise to keep to my friend Bernie. It's St. Patrick's Day so...

I raise my glass to you and hope you're raising one to me as well in a pub by the quay. I know Ireland is treating you right.

To itsy, the road is long, the path is dark, but a little rum will guide our way. Thanks for walking with me as long as you could.

To megan, a bottle of red, a bottle of white, double shots of vodka, and gin. The only person in this world that can match me drink for drink. You're a wonderful friend, red.

To tory, I hope you've found what you were looking for, a pint to you for old time's sake. I know you hate to drink alone.

A toast to the lot of ya:

Health and life to you;
The mate of your choice to you;
Land without rent to you,
And death in Eirinn.

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