perpetuating the chain

So three questions. If anyone is actually reading this (yes I know two of you are) and you have some questions you're just dying to ask me, here's your chance. Though I would wonder why you didn't just ask me in the first place.

Any question, and you'll get a truthful answer. Send an email, post them here, smoke signals, morse code, hell, you could even dig up a marconi if you wanted.


Anonymous said...

Aw..but i get to ask and now i do not have to not tell anyone...i can say "see her blurty"...

1. greatest fear...

2. would you truly not stay or take someone up on there offer of help for you to get away from MI?

3. favorite texture?

Anonymous said...

Well what about sending a carrier pidgin? Sure just by the fact that they are feathered makes them creepy, but I hear they get the job done. I already asked you the 3 though I will ask 3 more because I’m sneaky like that.

1) What is your favorite book?
2) If you could invite 10 people living or dead to a vacation house in the Caribbean who would it be?
3) What is one thing that you wish you could do?