here's where being half gemini kicks my ass.

I love my best friend. he's a wonderful man. and he's had to work really hard to get that way, past obstacles that put lesser men under. And for all intents and purposes he is considered a part of my family. though never by me. our relationship is too complicated to be put safely in a labeled category.

My father is sick. And soon will be going in to have some massive surgery. The closest sister and her husband are two hours away. and me and my other sister and her husband are on the other side of the continent So while my dad can't do anything, it's a bitch for her and her husband to make the trek every weekend to take care of things. Not that that is a complaint of theirs. but logistically if something needs to be done on a daily basis, or an emergency happens, they aren't going to be much help. So boo calls my mother up at work and says 'hey if the driveway needs shoveling, or whatever. the girls need a ride from the airport when they come in. anything. call and let me know.' That's an incredibly sweet thing right?

So why is my first instinct to be wicked annoyed? And want to tell him to back off?

Because I'm fucking insane.

And I hate information I can't control.

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Anonymous said...

He be a nice guy...give him the hug he deserves. But you already know that. Good thoughts sent all around.