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so here's the thing. I don't like drugs that aren't recreational. For a lot of different reasons. A big one being if I'm gonna fuck with my mind and body it sure as hell is going to be for something more fun than a fucking tylenol. So I live an over the counter drugstore free life. Or at least I try really hard. I admit, sometimes I cave to people nagging me and I'm not an idiot, if a doctor prescribes something I take it. Usually.

what's that? what's my point you say? well I'll tell you. I've been sick. This in itself is an unusual thing for me. So much so that I've had to listen to people be all shocked and weirded out about it. "what? you're sick? man, that's just weird." Now there is an inherent trait that is genetically encoded into each member of my family, I think it stems from my mother's side, wherein we worry. About the strangest things. So my sister is always convinced I am dying. Maybe because I was all sorts of fucked up as a youngin, but that's an entirely different pity me story. She made up her mind that she was trucking the 8 blocks to walgreens and getting me medication. Long story short (too late!) ((+5 points to your 'I like you' column if you can name the movie reference)) I've been cracked out of my mind for far too many days.

I hate the way this shit makes me feel. I become extremely disassociated. I don't mean groggy. I mean sociopathic disassociated. Like you know you're stabbing someone 44 times but you can't make the connection that that's a bad thing. So besides freaking out the nice people letting me live with them, I am seriously beginning to doubt my ability to function in normal society.

On the plus side I think things like this and am actually inclined to share them:

Have you ever read a toothpaste tube? Am I the only one just a tad freaked out by the dire warning: If you swallow more than the amount recommended for brushing (roughly pea size) you should get medical help or contact Poison Control immediately. And beyond that. Has anyone ever tried to kill someone with an overdose of toothpaste? I want to see a murder mystery surrounding that MO. Or a comedy of suicidal errors ala the beginning of Better off Dead.

this is me on no fun drugs. Someday I'll do an entry on fun ones. Sadly there might not be a difference.

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Anonymous said...

bah...i want you to know i actually went and read that on my toothpaste tube...shit i had no idea.