one year for every hour in a day

mother nature at least agrees with me. overcast and raining. just this side of cold, able to wear shorts and a t-shirt without shivering. even the birds have mostly shut the fuck up. now, if the sun never makes an appearance it will be the perfect day. one made to spend in bed. or drinking. maybe I'll do both. they say don't smoke in bed, nothing about drinking.

and damn him for making me remember. even if it was sweet. I was happy to forget.

I'm thoroughly amused by one person's childish perdictability. on this day it feels good to wish them hopes of growing up. even though I know it will never happen. at least I'll always be light years ahead.

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Anonymous said...

"growing up" what is with this term? never knew how bad predictability was 'til the last year, they mine as well define it as venerable.