once more with feeling

do you ever look up people you know or used to know on google? it's not a good habit to get into. plus it's kinda creepy. and it's just served to reinforce this mental place that I'm in. of not feeling good enough. it's a tough monkey to throw completely off your back.

let's look at A, B, and C. With A you have everything you've ever wanted, but for one small hiccup. With B, you have a kindred. and then there is C, me. and I can't seem to get why I keep factoring in, clawing between attached at the hip and ultra suaveness. or even why I want to. I keep coming back to you, even when I feel like shit. every. single. time.

because I don't know how to love someone unless they don't feel the same.

I'm enamored of this thing they call: letting go.

someday I might even manage it.

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E said...

Skip the spam above and perhaps with any luck someday B can be accomplished...

But I do understand C all to well.