mostly wtf!?!?

wow, I need to fix my blog. I tore it all apart with the intent to make it look shiny and pretty, but yeah, that hasn't happened yet. been a long time since I sat down to do this. It only seems to be brought out by certain people. or maybe certain days. or sleep deprivation.

should be sleeping. but can't stop waging this war against the entire concept. It is so not the day for melancholy nonsense. yet I find myself wading in it. course I always get a little sad when I reach this point of muddled half zombieness. yes zombieness, it's a perfectly acceptable word.

I find myself wanting to say all the old things again. reiterate. rehash. rewhine. (again, perfectly acceptable)

I like to beat my head into the same brick wall...

eh fuck that.

three unrelated things:
1.) I'm glad you are being seen again

2.)I wish I got the full picture.

3.)here's to crawling out of the vagina day.

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E said...

come out and play more often please...