it's that time again

Another year has passed. And it's now time to honor my promise to a lovely lass named Bernie. Toasts away.

To itsy: I think of you more than you would imagine. Hope your path has wandered into the light. This rum's for you.

To red: Here's to love. May this time be right for you. A pint is raised to the future, may our's continue to intertwine.

To the nut: How did we end up together? How do we not kill each other? A fruity drink to you, you have more courage in being yourself than I have ever been privy to. Kudos.

To the fab four: Time doesn't heal a damn thing. A shot for each of you, your absence probably does me better than your presence ever did.

To Tesia, Julyna, and Susan: Knowing you on the "outside" has brought me some of the greatest joy. A bottle of red for all the good times.

To frick and frack: You pull me in totally opposite directions, but towards the same goal. Here's to opening my mind to fantasy again. Gin and tonic.

until next year.

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