one new and one old

It’s amazing how
the years
can pass
line your face,
thin your skin,
sprinkle your hair
with tints of grey

you still manage
to cling
to your emotions
like a child

Life has
shorted you
at every turn,

Treated you
so very unkind,

and it’s everyone’s
but your own

so before
you can take
the breath
to argue
with me

Let me answer
all your refutations
and save you
the trouble

Are too.
Are too.
Are too.


I sit
letting you cry on my shoulder
knowing if I were to make a move
to comfort you
rigid, you would turn
I long to reassure
all the fairy tales you’ve been told;
but anger and sorrow
are bitter medicine to take
and a spoonful of sugar
only serves to coat the truth
in sticky lies and sweet nothings
that will leave you emptier
than you are now
there is nothing I can do
but be
your rock to crash against.


Anonymous said...

Okay so how can two poems be posted next to each other and be so totally different from one anther?

The first one made me giggle...i like that. The whole piece seemed almost down and then you turned a corner into a big smile, very nifty.

The second one moves itself to a empty space...not sure about this one, feels like you had more to say and you stopped. But maybe I had more to think and stopped, who knows. Good but feels unfinished to me...but it the end maybe I was supposed to feel empty and hanging. ???

Anonymous said...

And here I was going to extol the virtues of the second one. I thought it was more powerful... but really what the hell do I know. But maybe that is because I've been that person, unable to really help other than to stay still... It’s amazing the different reads poetry can give someone… no wonder I was never any good at figuring out what the meant in high school.

Anonymous said...

Hell women you know more than I! I am the lame one. Your words are the fixtrue I am the bad interpreter.