a peek into my perception

if you told me the sky was blue, I would not believe you. Even though I can see it clearly for myself.

Most days I've lulled myself into a state of normality, where I function as if I were not slightly tainted by insanity. I make friends. I do work. I create things. I love, I hate, I live my life. I forget my armor, I forget my weak spots, I forget my history. Until I wake up one day and remember I'm insane, that I don't get to experience things without a haze around them. It's a bit like being blindsided with a roundhouse kick to the head.

I have a little voice in my head that questions everything everyone says, everything that everyone does. What's their motive? What is it they really mean? What kind of game are they playing? It's like a poison inside my brain that twists and turns and mutilates, until I can no more trust my senses, than I could drive a car blindfolded.

Have you ever put someone's glasses on, and immediately your world became a distorted sort of fun house mirror, that made you whip the glasses off and clutch your head? Made your eyes itch and your head ache? That's a little bit how things are for me all the time. Or how they feel. You walk around with your hand outstretched trying to reconcile the glasses perception with your natural eyesight. You can't trust anything.

And it's times like these that I can feel the instinct to flee, rearing it's ugly head. I would like to run away. Let everything fall by the wayside, except for the things that I cannot get rid of. And wait for me to forget again, what I was running from. Wanting all the people gone...even though I know I'll start the cycle all over again in a year or so. It's a pointless exercise. One I know better than to do. One I know I won't. But that doesn't stop the desire to make things easy.

I'll wait a little while and this will pass. It's just that...

I'd like to believe the sky is blue.

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Anonymous said...

The sky is the color you choose to make it! Never be fooled by another, it hurts way too much. Believe in you first. You konw what is right and what is wrong. Go with your preceptions, they are usually on target. Choose to be what you want to be.

Nothing more or nothing less. People can accept or not, that be there problem. But I bet you would find many following your path down the road. Move in your direction, be amazed and watch others follow.