for the people who question my chipperness

apparently, as I have been told quite frequently lately, I'm not chipper enough here. Or well in general. And since I have no desire to fuck around with the in general part, I figured I would give it a whirl in here. As any good problem solver would, I'm going to try to define the problem before approaching the solutions. What exactly is chipper?

In lively spirits; cheerful.
One that chips or cuts: a wood chipper.
1. To chirp or twitter, as a bird.
2. To babble.
To chirp or chirrup.
adj : having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air;
"looking chipper, like a man...diverted by his own wit"- Frances G. Patton
"life that is gay, brisk, and debonair"- H.M.Reynolds
"walked with a jaunty step";
"a jaunty optimist"

ok. let's take this step by step. "In lively spirits" Now I would argue that I fulfill this requirement quite well, relating it to the more traditional definition of spirits, i.e. alcohol. I try as often as possible to be in lively spirits. And I succeed. Great! "cheerful" this one is a little bit harder. and a little bit more vague, so let's break it down some more.

1. Being in good spirits; merry.
2. Promoting a feeling of cheer; pleasant: a cozy, cheerful room.
3. Reflecting willingness or good humor: contributed her cheerful labor to the project.

well lookee there, "being in good spirits, merry". or drunk if you will. check. "promoting a feeling of cheer; pleasant" whenever people are around me, they always seem to feel better about themselves. You know I can make anyone feel better about themselves, simply by affording them the knowledge that they aren't me. I'd say I have that down. "reflecting willingness or good humor" I have been known to eat those good humor chocolate eclairs while looking in a mirror and I've got the willingness down. I believe it is more commonly referred to as a chump and or sap in slang terms. So check.

let's see on to "one that chips or cuts" now I don't think this is entirely fair or applicable, but I'll be a good sport (see 'chump') it's a stretch but I have been known to deal a mean hand of poker and blackjack, lots of chips involved there. I eat chips. ooh! I also have chips on my shoulders. And I'm always chipping away at something, dedication I call it. As for the cutting, well I'm quite fond of saying "I'll cut you". So..check! "to chirp or twitter" hmm....a bit tougher. I inherited from my father the somewhat annoying habit of always making random noises, some of which could be classified as chirps and or twitters. So check. "to babble" I enter this entire blurty as proof of this claim. check! I'm gonna go ahead and lump "chirp or chirrup" in with "chirp or twitter" you agree with that right? right! so all taken care of. "having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air" got the cheerful and got the lively already. self-confident.....I have been known to be afflicted with this at times, but it's not generally a permanent condition. "like a man...diverted by his own wit" I'm often, pretty much all the time to be exact, distracted by my own wit. "life that is gay, brisk, and debonair" um....do I really need to address this? Seems pretty self evident. check! "walked with a jaunty step" all my steps are jaunty!! for sure check! "a jaunty optimist" I'm an eternal optimist, much to my great disappointment. check!

there, an in-depth and concise argument that clearly outlines just how chipper I am. This should put all other disagreements to rest. A chipper entry in my blurty. no more lamenting ladies. Proof of my all around chipperness. feel free to apply the same method to yourself to ascertain your level of chipperness.

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Anonymous said...

Bah...you out chirped me. You most definitely have a chipper one there babe.

Keep spreading that cheeryness around and maybe we can get you an official crown?