call it what you like, just make sure you call it

took to drinking
this evening

put "something"
on loop playback
loud as the speakers
and landlord

grabbed this pen
and paper
to try to articulate
what I would
rather forget

it's odd to miss
what you never
really had

running so
hot and cold
I don't know
what to do with myself

let alone
what I must
be doing to you

I'd give you
what you want

if I only knew what you wanted

if I knew how.

all this rhetoric
'bout time
and change
rings just as hollow
from this side
of the bottle

cause time has passed
and things have changed
and I'm still here

something in the way you move
something in the way you know
something in the things you show me
something in your voice

I keep wondering
if it's enough

sure thing
the answers aren't
in a song
in a bottle
or on this notepad

but they're all I've got

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