ok, so I suck at blogging.

no surprise there. however with the new year in its infancy I wanted to take some time to make a list of things to remember / apply to this brand spanking new stretch of time....

in no particular order:

* the world is full of people who suck, take the time to tell the people you've found who don't suck how much you appreciate them

*glitter and neon hide a lot of unpretty things about life

*the desert agrees with me

*never sleep with someone when you know its wrong, no matter how much they beg you, no matter how drunk you are, no matter how much you're tired of being alone. it's much lonlier the morning after. trust me.

*don't regret placing your trust, the fault is in them, not in you

*when the drunk straight married object of your affection kisses you, you should kiss them back, it's probably the only shot you'll get, but when they tell you they want to fuck you, it's time to take them home so they can sleep it off alone

*if you find yourself making increasingly bad choices every time you drink, you should stop drinking

*enjoy being "the girl" to a group of guys. if you can find the right kind of guys.

*never ever ever ever drink scooby snacks, the next thing you know you're carressing someone's naked ass.

*please do not text / call me about your sex life. I don't want to know unless you're one of maybe 5 people. and those people know who they are, or they should.

*I'm basically a naturally unhappy person, this annoys the fuck out of almost everyone.

*don't compromise


*drive around in the dead of night looking for a lost cell phone

*go swimming in all your clothes in las vegas in the middle of the night.

*really experience rain

*enjoy the smell of snow

*keep failing, go with what works

*if you hit a church with a U-Haul, keep driving, but take the time to secure a momento

*never go through or to new mexico, iowa, or arkansas

*fuck springfield missouri.

*accept compliments, even if you think they are lying through their teeth

*single out someone who interests you and inform they are going to be your bestfriend. the results are usually spectacular.

*try to learn to love yourself, it will make loving those around you much easier

last but not least...

*take the time to use this crappy blog.


E said...

wow...lots to remember, I may have to bookmark this one and come back to it.

In fact I know I will...details?

losing chase said...

anytime,lol. just ask. though I doubt any of it is as interesting as it sounds.