welcome to the we love elisa fan club

Just a little taste of what elisa means to us. I accept full responsibility should there be any repercussions. See elisa? I told you, you're sweet!

bludreamscape: lol so let me see... all you need is that web cam now lol
night_rom: *sigh* elisa the big bully, will send me one I'm sure. the woman doesn't accept no
bludreamscape: lol no kidding
xenaholic2000: no she won't
bludreamscape: though if she sent me one i'd point the thing at some pic of some hot chickie
xenaholic2000: at least she didn't talk you into flying halfway across the country lol
night_rom: I'm not sure I can get them over my head anymore anyway. just be able to make a nice bridge like arch. and lol. it hasn't occured to her yet where I might be useful or she would ****
xenaholic2000: to hit on one of your best friendss
xenaholic2000: lol
bludreamscape: lol
xenaholic2000: just let me know if she decides it's kansas
night_rom: why? so you can get out of dodge? no fair warning. lol
bludreamscape: lol
xenaholic2000: no so i can arrange to be *in* dodge
xenaholic2000: well Lawrence... Dodge is out west
night_rom: true.
bludreamscape: i can't believe she talked you into flying that far to hit one someone..... that woman is good..... evil though...... now if we put her power towards good rather than evil......
night_rom: well it isn't just to hit in someone, it's bard con too
xenaholic2000: yeah both
night_rom: she's very efficient that way
xenaholic2000: i have no clue how she did that
night_rom: lol
night_rom: she's a catalyst.
bludreamscape: lol
bludreamscape: its quite amazing
night_rom: and very charismatic. no wonder she had no trouble with the women before emily
xenaholic2000: she's amazing
xenaholic2000: yeah no doubt
bludreamscape: lucky devil
xenaholic2000: i wanna meet Emily 'cause she's got to be one hell of a woman
bludreamscape: no kiddin
night_rom: I hoep she is. elisa deserves the best.
night_rom: hope too
xenaholic2000: yeah she does
night_rom: she'd turn bright red if she knew we were having this conversation, lol
xenaholic2000: yep
bludreamscape: lol
night_rom: lol. finally something to use on her!
bludreamscape: lol
xenaholic2000: yep
bludreamscape: you need anything you can get
xenaholic2000: yep
night_rom: I certainly do.
bludreamscape: i know she keeps talking me into things
too... drives me crazy and i can't help it
xenaholic2000: same... i do all sorts of things i wouldn't do otherwise
bludreamscape: "hey Deb, strip nakkid and run to mexico" - "Sure elisa that sounds like a great idea"
night_rom: lol
night_rom: !
night_rom: only she'd probably say, run to seattle. lol
bludreamscape: lol prolly
xenaholic2000: yeah she probably would
bludreamscape: and then she can make you believe that it was your idea in the first place
xenaholic2000: exactly
night_rom: I want to post this part of the conversation in my blurty. lol.
bludreamscape: lol
xenaholic2000: lol i don't mind
night_rom: yeah? do you blu?
bludreamscape: go for it, it's your head on the platter
bludreamscape: hell no
night_rom: sweet! I can take it
bludreamscape: lol sure you say that when she isn't around
night_rom: I told her earlier that it was my turn to get her. heh heh.
bludreamscape: LOL
xenaholic2000: lol she'll probably just send you more stuff
night_rom: yeah, you're right
night_rom: I can't win
bludreamscape: lol
night_rom: but I'm still gonna try

****(I hear seattle is nice!)


Anonymous said...

I love this! Fantastic! Way to go, Samsicle.


Anonymous said...

Well...what does one say to the fans...I humbly bow...and I will get even, so thanks. Emyster

Anonymous said...

yeah elisa is something else isnt she