you know what?

I give up.

I'm going to wear a sign that says "Impossible".

I was going to go into how I feel there must be something fundamentally wrong with me, and that I'm childish and I hate being childish, and how I hate not knowing where I stand and so on and so forth so there could be a record of the sad inner workings of my head and my heart, but fuck it. Impossible says it all.

I am impossible. Anything to do with me is impossible.


Anonymous said...

aw...well i have nothing appropriately encouraging or whatever to reply with. i seldom do. i hope the day/week/month/year/life gets better for you.

and aimee allen rocks. she's an actress on a daytime soap opera. found this out 2 nights ago. i was horrified. since ive sorta followed that soap for a good 10 yrs now. *cringes*

Anonymous said...

This be so not true. You are far from impossible. Your ability to look in and out is wonderful.

Life may not be were you want it but you must learn to look and see right now, there are so many good things around you, you just need to feel them again. You have so much going for yourself, find all the talent that i see and you will do great things. Cut yourself slack, and regain your confidence! I will be here anytime if you need that reminder!